Wednesday, January 4, 2012

my 21st birthday party at st regis :)


during those nanhua days , I would always tell bimb that i can't wait to turn 21 
I wanted to be an adult asap so that I could dictate my own life 
now that the time has come , I'm not sure if I still feel the same 
part of me is excited about the new chapter but part of me wants to be a teen forever :x

back to the details of my twenty first birthday bash. 
I've started planning my birthday 2 months ago . 
I wasn't sure if I wanted to hold one because i know it's going to be stressful
It's your party and you have to make sure your guests would not be bored.
besides, holding a party costs quite a bomb and money is hard-earned.

however , my mother was rather insistent on me holding one . 
under her incessant nagging , I recklessly booked an executive deluxe room in st regis
I thought the rate was alright until i checked out the rates from other hotels. 
Damage is done as it was a non refundable online deal . 
we checked out the room and my mom decided to top-up to caroline astor suite.
due to spatial constraints, i had a tight guest list and was forced to narrow down the invitations
the whole planning was extremely stressful i would never want to go through again
but all the efforts were worth it for it's one memorable night forever etched in my head <3

 letterings cut out by lylayang <3
wallpaper designed by sonia oh <3
16 pieces of A4 paper painstakingly assembled and sticked by her. 

 complimentary cake from the hotel. 
it was a pleasant surprise from my cute angmoh butler. 
whom i unfortunately didn't take a picture with that day :(

& now for the food.. 

i honestly had no idea that there were so much food. 
i ordered pizza , sushi platter and all time favourite spicy drumlets 
the pizza was a party set so it came with a few complimentary sides. 
aunty maysin prepared deviled eggs ( which was a hot fav ) and potato salad
& there were nuggets prepared by aiai and fried rice takeaway from mom

as for the desserts , there were soya tarts , soya pudding and jello shots
chocolate eclairs , savouries tarts and vol-au-vent, fruit tarts, almond jelly
mini cupcakes and chocolate fondue served with marshmellow and fruits
talk about being kiasu! i really didnt want to starve my guests

& oh , chicken franks were served too. 
sarah brought this interesting hot dog stand that's too cute to be missed 
unfortunately hardly anyone took sausages because there were too much food. 
anyway , i was glad there were sufficient food for everyone and majority loved the spread 

there were so much that i had to do and i couldn't cope on my own
thank you to these wonderful selfless people who helped out and made it a lot easier for me 
( in no particular order)

mom who fetched me all around to collect cake and food 
just so that i wouldn't perspire and tire myself on the day .

my boyfriend who was such a sweetie that day
brought a large bag of awesome food and served the guests. 
did all of it despite being so tired from army <3 

baby lyla who helped to print out my wallpaper and my letterings
ran around to collect the food and other stuffs. 
i can totally imagine you crumbling under the hot weather :x

and felimbo whom i've had no picture with or an individual shot :(
thank you for running around with lyla to help out . luv you very much <3
i know you spent a bomb

sammy who took the heavy DSLR to take pictures for me 
& the lovely fruit tarts served were made by her. 

bimb who stayed all the way past 12 to wish me despite having massive cramps
she looked so pale and i was so worried that she was might pass out anytime
she made 180 jello shots for me and brought the very heavy fondue machine 
thank you so much bimby <3

my bestest sonia oh who designed and edited (numerous times!) my wall paper. 
chiong-ed down after her party to help to start the party 
& assembled the wallpaper together  ( all in the name of love heh )
thank you for going all out to make me a happy girl that night hunn <3 

yanning bobo for the yummy almond jelly !
they served my tummy well past midnight . 

sarah dear who accompanied me to view the suite on the second visit
brought her hot dog stand and head down to cold storage to get me fondue chocolate
she kept assuring me not to worry about the party and leave it all to her . 
didn't want to accept any form of payment for the fruits chocs etc 
thank you sososososo much <3

darach who literally lugged herself to the party . 
she had so much events before my party it was insane. 
& she bought so much yummy chips for my party 
i just found out those chips were so pricey from M&S omg !

jun and aiai whom i did not take individual shots with :(
thank you for the nuggets aiai and thank you for the belvedere jun !
very generous peeps who offered to help and didn't want me to pay
i was so touched when jun went " dont worry , it's your birthday man! "
love you aiai and my favourite oppa!!! <3<3<3

& not forgetting the awesome presents received! 
tiffany and co necklace , chanel necklace and earrings 
burberry watch , lanvin eclat , urban decay naked palette 
laneige waterbank gel , chanel chance perfume , ricoh camera cover 
& all the awesome cards , video and long letters teeheehee.
i know some of my pals spent a bomb on my birthday gift ahh :x


lovely nan hua girls (:
my bestfriend and her boyfriend oats 
grace steph and their partners 
 pj dance clique
lou got intoxicated that night
 miss heng (: 
 poh kian yong whom i've missed for the longest time. 
 cuitian who left so early that night :( 
didn't even have time to catch up with her .

there were so much photo taking that night !
my mouth was so tired from smiling but i wouldn't complain 
because i want to capture every moment of the awesome night (: 
so pardon me if my smile looks awkward in certain pictures. 

 & here's an event that made me teared that night ... 

just as we were gathered for cake cutting , nia and the rest presented a video to me
it was a video montage compiling precious moments all the way from 2008
I was honestly very touched because i could see the amount of effort put in
 pictures from our old outings and birthday celebrations
back to those days when i was still wearing braces and in uniform 
we've really grown so much and we looked soo different back then . 
i think my uniclique had a good laugh over my geeky pictures. 
i hoped i looked much better now :P

indian poker 
the game that got my darach intoxicated

here's me making my birthday wish(es)

jello shot toast to the uniclique
henry's always leading such stuffs in our clique heh :P
one last shot with my favourite girls before they leave 

 & the girls who presented my presents to me in a bath tub.
how unique and special 
i thought they were seriously gonna give me a birthday bath. 

henry's like the happy butler assistant that day
asking us if we wanted drinks and etc. 

the guests were so fun loving and spontaneous that night . 
when the clock struck twelve , the girls from my uniclique came in to give me birthday hugs
my phone started to flood with facebook notifications and texts
my very first #likeaboss moment ;)

the party went on till past midnight and there were still 20+ peeps past 2am .
we were having so much fun until the st regis peeps came up to speak to me
i was given an hour to vacate the hotel because hotel occupancy is strictly two pax. 
i was kind of freaked out because the staff sounded rather stern 
eventually the peeps left and it was just kun and my baby girls who were staying over. 

the aftermath of the party: a very messy living room with a huge bag of garbage
and here's darach who was completely knocked out on the couch. 

managed to snap a picture with the entire group who stayed over the next morning. 

here's kun and i heading for the complimentary breakfast buffet. 
i wished i could bring the rest along with me for the spread :( 

overall , it was a rather pleasant experience with st regis. 
i was given the largest caroline astor suite on the highest floor to accommodate my guests
i was very grateful to the butler who ran up a few times to help me with heating and refrigeration
the room was big and very ATAS :) ( as quoted by lyla yang)
the mini bar was refillable and we had full access to paid movies
we could have utilise the services better though. 
no one passed the message to lyla to head for the canapes retreat. 
it's such a waste because it would have been a lovely date for lyla and oats. 
we requested for late check out at 2pm so we didnt have to wake up so early.
i wished the rates were cheaper so my bro didnt have to pay so much though :X
thank you brother, love you !!  

happy 21st to me :) 


  1. My dearest rebe,
    Amazing hotel party for your 21st:)))Thanks for inviting us for a cozy stay over and watching you sleep~~! WAHAHAHA!
    Most importantly, you enjoy your special BIG DAY TTM with all your loves ~!

    with love
    FELICIA<3 !

  2. How much did ur room at st regis cost?

  3. thank you felimbo <3 my suite is around 950 after tax. there are way cheaper suites out there like orchard hotel and all!!

  4. I am just wondering, did you have to inform the hotel when you did the party? Cause I am planning to have a Birthday Party in a suite, but when I emailed them, they said they don't allow etc etc. But I really want to have one in a suite, but I am afraid the party might be spoiled if they suddenly kicked me out~~

    1. hi babe, do you wanna email me at i'll tell you specifically what i did for mine :) its a little tricky

    2. Hi, Can you email me on the details on the party too? I'm interested to know! Please email me at

  5. Hey dear can you email the details of the party as well? Thanks so much!

  6. hey there could i have the details of the party as well? thanks so much!